New Book On Balochi And Balochistan

We are happy to announce that the book “The Baloch and Others” has been published

Dear friends,

We are happy to announce that the book “The Baloch and Others.
Linguistic, Historical and Socio-Political Perspectives on Pluralism in Balochistan” has been published.
The book contains revised versions of papers on political, sociological,
historical and linguistic topics presented at the Third international
conference on Balochistan studies, at Uppsala University in August 2005
http://www.lingfil. bal.html

You can find the table of contents and ordering details at
http://titus. uni-frankfurt. de/personal/ agnes/uppsala2. htm

For those who do not yet have the previous volume,
“The Baloch and Their Neighbours:
Ethnic and Linguistic Contact in Balochistan in Historical and Modern
Times”, both books are available together at a special package price.

Just mail the publishing house
or use the order form at
http://titus. uni-frankfurt. de/personal/ agnes/uppsala050 0.pdf

With best wishes,
Agnes Korn

Dr. Agnes Korn
Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft
Universitaet Frankfurt a.M.
PF 11 19 32, Fach 171
D – 60054 Frankfurt